Celebrate Always & in All Ways

One of the hats that I wear is being a Celebrant.  While Celebrants lead familiar celebrations, ceremonies and rites of passage—like weddings and funerals—we also embrace a desire to celebrate every day in meaningful ways.  Although I wasn’t fortunate to grow up with my mother, due to her struggle with Multiple Sclerosis, I genetically received her zest for celebrating all of the holidays.  Although struggling with the space constraints of living in New York City, I’ve long adopted my Mother’s custom of decorating my home for ALL the holidays. 

During the pandemic and beyond, online craft stores make it easy to honor holidays of all varieties.  For example, once our Christmas tree was long-since gone, I purchased a simple “tree” with lights from amazon.com.  In February I decorated the tree with Valentine’s Day “ornaments” I’ve been collecting for years.  It’s easy to find inexpensive decorations on websites like the Oriental Trading Company.  More elaborate heart ornaments can be found on Etsy or the Victorian Trading Company or EBay.

I subsequently decorated the tree for St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras, just before the Lent Season.  Finally, I decorated with eggs for Easter!     

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