Gal Friday | gæl ˈfraɪdeɪ

—an indispensable assistant, a cross between a secretary, a personal assistant, a valet, and a maid-of-all-work

About 'Your Gal Friday'

I come to you with many years working in the worlds of nonprofits and philanthropy. Over the last decade I’ve worked as a Celebrant and Inter-faith minister, officiating weddings, baby blessings, funerals, and other celebrations and rites of passage.

As I recollect, I feel that my entire life has been preparation for helping families manage their demands in life. I was raised in Oklahoma by my Maternal grandmother and helped her care for my Mother, who suffered from an aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis. I also cared for my grandmother until she passed away.

Although I do not have my own children, I’m the proud aunt of three nephews and a niece. I’ve spent years mentoring and nurturing college students and beyond. I am comfortable with all generations and people from all manner of background. No job is too big or too small to demand my full attention and commitment. Take a look at how I might help you in these unprecedented times.

I am equal parts educator, relationship manager, personal assistant, event planner, advisor, homemaker, cook, and more. I am a “Jill of all Trades.”


Whether caring for an infant, serving as an overnight nanny, or helping rear a primary school child, I will give my full attention to the needs of your kids. I’ve cared for newborns, toddlers and primary school children with great success. Nothing is more important in your home than making sure your littles are safe, healthy, happy, and engaged.


With New York schools out of session for the remainder of the year, it seems, parents are now called upon to take a direct role in their child’s education. I’m a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Oklahoma with degrees in Economics and Political Science & History. I took two Master’s degrees, in politics, at Yale University and studied statistics at the University of Michigan.

With a good bit of teaching experience (with excellent student evaluations), I can explain concepts and study strategies for your child, whether your young person is in elementary, middle or high school. I’m also happy to help high schoolers in reviewing possible college options and assist with the application process. I’m happy to accompany your child to lessons or playdates, as well as doctor’s appointments and other obligations.
Sarah helped my son with his research and writing for an end of the year paper, last year. I was amazed with her ability to negotiate his subject area, offering him guidance but also allowing him to learn along the way. She is smart and patient and a good “teacher.”
Larry P.

Elder Care

I was raised by my elderly grandmother and have always cherished relationships with older folks. I know that this season of life requires passion, patience, kindness, and commitment. I can work with your senior in personal care as well as physical and intellectual stimulation while paying meticulous attention to your elder’s hygiene, diet, and physical surroundings.

If your loved one is mobile, I can accompany him or her on strolls or other out-of-home activities (social gatherings, worship services, and the like). I have elder-related training through the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, the Open Center, and One Spirit Learning Alliance.

Home & Family Management

Whether it’s your weekly food shopping trip or the need for a special gift for a friend or loved one, I’m ready to hit the pavement (and the internet) to find exactly what you want. Everyone has an ever-expanding to-do list from running to the post office, to picking up prescriptions.

There are trips and events to plan, travel arrangements to be made, and schedules to be managed—not to mention keeping your home in tip-top shape. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to manage such tasks?
Sarah’s organizational skills were impeccable. During a short-term assignment in our law office, she was willing to learn about various legal issues and requirements—her help was invaluable. Each day Sarah was ready, willing, and able to assist in every way possible.
Kathryn S.


With all that’s going on in the world, who has time for housekeeping and cooking? I’m prepared to do any necessary housekeeping and laundry. With years of cooking and baking experience, let me lighten the load preparing meals, of any variety you might wish.

Pet Care

I fully understand that animal companions are treasured members of the family. In addition to morning and evening walks, I can manage grooming and veterinarian appointments for your pet. And, if you take a holiday, leaving your animal companions behind, I’m an excellent house & pet sitter.
I'm happy to recommend Sarah Ritchie to you as a reliable pet and house sitter. We have been using Sarah for over a year and are so happy we found her! She has also been wonderful with our dog's multiple medical problems, and many medications. She is accessible and sends pictures often. She truly seems to love our dog, and has even found new friends for her!

Finally, Sarah was even willing to look after our exotic green Australian tree frogs, Bella and Gigi. Sarah always handled the situation professionally, with a wry sense of humor and an ability to modify procedures as needed.
Janet F.

Let's Talk

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Every family is different and has a unique set of needs. Please call me to discuss how my skills, abilities and temperament might satisfy the needs of your family. I’m happy to meet you for coffee or tea to have a longer discussion, provide references, and brainstorm about how we can make your life easier, during these challenging times: